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Educate parents, teachers and students about the hidden dangers of the Internet. For more information about Protecting Kids Online and to plan a program in your area, contact Center for Safe Schools at (717) 763-1661.


Adult Program

Target Audience: Parents and caregivers

Objective: Increase awareness of the benefits and risks involved with children using the Internet through the following topics:

  • Terminology Associated with the Internet
  • Modes of Communication such as Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms and E-mailing
  • Illegal Use of the Internet and Associated Laws
  • Rules for Safe Use of the Internet
  • Safeguarding Children


    Level 1: Safe Surfing on the Internet

    Target Audience: Primarily intended for elementary school students

    Objective: Introduce Internet concepts and basic safety rules associated with its use by providing information on the following:

    • Introduction to Internet Terminology
    • Why People Use the Internet
    • Communicating Online
    • Rules for Online Safety


      Level 2: Understanding the Internet

      Target Audience: Primarily intended for middle school students

      Objective: Increase awareness of acceptable Internet practices and potential dangers through the following topics:

      • Internet Uses
      • The Internet and the Law
      • Online Communication Modes
      • Protecting Personal Information
      • Guidelines for Safe Surfing and Online Communication


        Level 3: The Internet - Friend or Foe?

        Target Audience: Primarily intended for middle and high school students

        Objective: Increase student awareness of personal responsibilities and dangers associated with use of the Internet by presenting information on the following:

        • Defining the Internet
        • Protecting Information
        • Modes of Communication on the Internet
        • Laws Associated with Illegal Use of the Internet
        • Responsible Use of the Internet
        • Rules for Online Safety