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Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online

Many social media sites and apps now publish their own safety guides to keep kids safe from online predators and cyberbullying. Below are a few resources:

Facebook offers guides for parents, educators and communities on offers the Parent’s Guide to Snapchat; and Parents Guide to Net Cetera campaign provides toolkits and videos on talking to kids about being online.


Court Ruling Affirms Students' Free Speech Rights

Recent court cases have made it clear that the First Amendment does cover internet ‘speech’ as long as it does not disrupt the school campus. Federal judges have upheld students’ 1st Amendment rights in cyberspace. US District Judge Stephen Wilson opined, "To allow the school to . . . suspend a student simply because another student takes offense to their speech, without any evidence that such speech caused a substantial disruption of the school's activities, runs afoul" of the law.”

For students, a right to be mean online?
Supreme Court Plays Hooky, Leaves Student Online Free Speech Rights Murky


Tests Reveal Dangers of Texting While Driving

There could be some upcoming changes to driver’s education curriculum as two recent studies draw more attention to the inherent peril of texting while driving. The following article discusses two separate studies that bring to light the severity of texting while driving. One study recently conducted by the Virginia Transportation Institute concluded that texting while driving leads to more crashes than previously thought, while a second study by Car and Driver magazine exhibited that texting while driving can be more hazardous than driving while intoxicated.


Smart Phones Go to School

In this technological age of smart phones, some schools are attempting to incorporate their use into classroom application. Although most schools have adopted a ban on cell phones, some schools are taking a different approach. The following article highlights the efforts of one school district to engage students academically with the use of technology in the form of PDAs. The anticipation is that there could be far reaching benefits including computer literacy and responsibility.


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